Rent and Housing Law

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We advise and represent our clients in all areas of tenancy law and have extensive experience in drafting contracts and enforcing claims under tenancy law. We are also happy to advise you on all aspects of residential property law and represent your interests in any legal disputes.  

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Austrian tenancy law is extremely complex and confusing. Not everything written into the lease agreement is legally valid and enforceable. We have drafted, negotiated and analyzed numerous residential leases and know where the legal pitfalls are and how to avoid them. 

We have extensive experience drafting and negotiating commercial leases, hotel leases, short-term leases, etc. We are familiar with the specifics of commercial tenancy law and will work with you to develop legally and economically effective solutions.


We have experience with both residential and commercial lease disputes and are happy to represent your interests in court or before the arbitration board.

Legal Advice Condos

We are happy to advise you on all aspects of condominium law and to draft customized condominium agreements. In the event of any legal disputes and at owners' meetings, we will represent your interests and help you to find solutions as quickly as possible.

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