Commercial Law
Commercial Law
Buying Property in Austria as a Foreigner?
By Dr. Klara Geuer | |
Buying Real estate can be challenging, especially in case you
Cease-and-Desist Claims Regarding Google Reviews in Austria
Online reviews are anonymous in most cases. We have previously
Business Premises in Austria: Rent or Lease?
By Dr. Klara Geuer | |
When an entrepreneur wishes to use business premises in Austria
Implicit Conclusion of a Tenancy Agreement in Austria
A recent ruling by the Supreme Court (OGH) prompted inquiries
Bitcoin from an Austrian legal perspective
By Dr. Ermano Geuer | |
The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is currently experiencing a surge in value,
Usury in a Real Estate Purchase Agreement
By Dr. Klara Geuer | |
Once buyers and sellers have agreed on a real estate
The New Freedom of Information Act in Austria
At the end of January, the Parliament passed the new
Removal of Google Reviews: Tips for Businesses in Austria
By Dr. Ermano Geuer | |
Getting a removal of Google reviews is often easier than
How Not to Respond to a Negative Google Review in Austria
In a recently published blog article, we explained how one
Dealing with an Unjustified Negative Google Review in Austria
Google reviews and other rating platforms play a crucial role
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